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Serving Boards

"Serving Boards" are a roomy 17" x 12" and can accommodate whatever you'd like to put on the table.  They're made from the finest hardwoods available, with the elements set with the face grain of the wood showing.  This provides a more patterned look with a lot of visual movement, much like a table top.  The boards are 3/4 inch thick so they're equally well suited for use as a general purpose cutting board.  The boards can personalized at no cost.  The boards are available in several patterns using Maple, Cherry and Walnut.  All boards are pre-finished with my blend of food grade mineral oil and cosmetic grade beeswax for a long-lasting food safe surface.  Carving Boards feature gently beveled edges for a comfortable feel.  The boards are packaged in a beautiful gift box so you can feel proud to give one to anyone on your list.  Carving Boards are offered at $150.00 and are shipped free of charge to US destinations.    A special engraving on the back is also available for $15.00.  A number of different styles are available on an "artist's choice" basis.  Specific pattern requests can also be accomodated.

Serving Board Web.png

Serving Board Examples

Serving boards are built to a general theme and style rather than a specific pattern.  All boards are crafted of the finest hardwoods, primarily Hard Maple, Cherry, Walnut and Sapele.  Others are often available but can't be guaranteed.  I ask that you choose a light, medium or dark look and I'll custom craft a board based on the woods available.  All will feature contrasting elements so you're guaranteed to have a pleasing board with a lot of visual interest.  If you have a specific look in mind, or if you'd like to duplicate a board we've previously made, we can certainly do that but it may take a bit longer if we have to source the wood.  Here are a few examples.

Light Board Square Trans.png
MJ Serving Square.png
AJs Chop Shop Crop w Cutco Square.png

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