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Carving Boards

My "Carving Boards" are a large 17" x 12" size so they can handle a roast or turkey with ease.  They're made from the finest hardwoods available, with the elements set on edge in true butcher block fashion.  They're 1-1/2  inches thick so they'll stand up to the most rigorous use in the kitchen.  Edge grain boards are known for their resistance to scratches and knife marks.  And they're beautiful to look at so they double as a gracious serving board.  The boards can personalized at no cost and can optionally be given a "juice groove" to help contain run off when carving.   All boards are pre-finished with my blend of food grade mineral oil and cosmetic grade beeswax for a long-lasting food safe surface.  Carving Boards feature a 45 degree bevel on the edges, creating both a lighter look and an easy pick up.  The boards are packaged in a beautiful gift box so you can feel proud to give one to anyone on your list.  Carving Boards are offered at $175.00 and are shipped free of charge to US destinations.  

Our Board Offerings

Ready To Order?  Let's Talk First:  239-745-5070

Our carving boards are all individually crafted of fine hardwoods.  Our main species are Hard Maple, Walnut and Cherry but we offer custom boards using Purple Heart, Sapele, Yellow Heart, Padauk and others.  We offer three designs that we can turn around quickly, usually shipping them within 5 days of order.  

Sugar & Spice:  This board features a main field of hard maple with alternating elements of walnut and cherry  toward the top edge.   These boards can be laser engraved and it stands out very nicely from the maple field.

Sunrise:  These boards have a main field of cherry with several strips of maple at the top,  They're a wonderful warm accent to any home's kitchen area.  They can be engraved with the words standing out nicely from the cherry field.

Midnight:  This is a dark, dramatic board consisting of walnut with a cherry strip offset by maple.  It's a beautiful board and can be engraved.  Because of the dark walnut, we suggest a heavy type face for any personalization.

Custom:  We are happy to work with you on custom designs from nearly any type of hardwood in almost any pattern.  These boards are "market price" depending on the cost of the wood and the amount of labor involved in the design.  They will also require more time because we often have to shop for the specialty wood.

Pictures of these boards will be coming soon.

Let's talk about what seems right for you.  Text or call me any time at  239-745-5070


Want To Discuss Something Special?  Call:  239-745-5070

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