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Who Are We?

I’m Alan Johnson and I love wood.  I’ve always cherished the warmth and beauty of naturally finished wood.  Each piece we make is done with that feeling and I wish I could hang on to every one of them.


I began woodworking in my father’s scrap pile.  He was an accomplished amateur wood worker who allowed me the use of hammer and nails and full access to those scraps.  As I grew, the joy of designing and building grew with me, leading to years of learning, practice and sawdust.  And ultimately to the seeds of Tarpon Creek Woodworks.


Today Tarpon Creek Woodworks creates hand crafted wood pieces aimed at bringing the warmth of wood to everyday living and entertaining activities.  Every item is built from native and imported hardwoods in my shop along the banks of the Peace River in Southwest Florida. 


We offer a variety of carving, serving and charcuterie boards, unique lazy susans and a variety of whimsical items like coin  banks  and trivets.  We also custom make tables and other small furniture under our Sanonna Furniture brand.  We are also open to custom orders if you have something particular in mind.


I hope you’ll enjoy using your Tarpon Creek Woodworks piece as much as we did making it.

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