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Our Susans are anything but lazy!  These pieces are sure to become a very active part of your kitchen, dining table or entertainment space.  Choose a design that reflects your decorating style or special interest.  And if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, just ask us.  We want to elevate the poor Susan from a life of simple servitude to an active participant in your daily or entertaining activities.  Sure, put your salt & pepper or mashed potatoes on it, but don't hesitate to let it be a centerpiece for canapes or sushi.  They're both strong and 100% food safe.  Today we offer several variations.

  • Hardwood Susans feature single or multiple wood species in a pleasing design.  Add a favorite saying or image.

  • Inlay Susans have a central, colored epoxy resin inlay.  The pieces are customized to your choice of wood, image and image color.

  • Shou Sugi Ban Susans.  This is our take on an ancient Japanese technique.  Woods are burned then brushed to create a unique 3-dimensional effect.  Finished with brightly colored wood dies.

Our standard Susans are 16” in diameter but we can create nearly any size, including large “Ottoman Susans.”  All have an aluminum ball bearing spinner rated for more than 100 pounds.  The pieces are finished with your choice of a lustrous oil/wax finish or a high gloss hard finish.  Both are food safe.

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Ready To Order?  Let's Talk First:  239-745-5070

Let's talk about exactly what you're looking for.

Size:  Our standard lazy susan is 16" in diameter.  That's usually a good size for your counter or for a typical square or round table with seating for four pr more.  It's also good for most dining tables but it might be too large for some.  If the piece is going to sit in the middle of the table, you need to allow about 12" on each side so there's room for plates.  We can easily make smaller sizes but you probably don't want to go below 12".  Smaller than that and there's no room.

Wood:  All of our pieces are crafted of premium hardwoods:  Hard Maple is a light blonde color.  Cherry is a warm strawberry blonde that gets darker and richer with age.  Walnut is a rich dark brown that often has lighter streaks.  Sapele is a member of the Mahogany family with a bright light brown color and pronounced striping in the grain.  Typically boards with resin inlays are all one wood species.  Solid wood boards can be a combination of woods to create a unique pattern.  The choice is yours!

Resin Inlay:  Our resin inlay pieces are unique and we offer a wide range of patterns.  Our designs are not really inlays but are through-cut  and go all the  way through the wood.  The result is a stable piece with no chance of a thin inlay layer chipping out.  Our fillings are a blend of premium deep-pour resin and iridescent pigments in a wide array of colors.  They are suggestive representations and are not intended to be a true likeness.  

Finished Surface:  We finish our lazy susans two ways and the choice is yours.  One is with a layer of crystal clear epoxy that  is hard and completely resistant to water and most other spills.  This finish has a very high gloss.  The other finish is a hard oil wax that goes on in multiple coats and has a high luster rather than a gloss.  Some people have compared the first to a high gloss car finish and the second to polished marble.  Either finish can be used with any piece.  Both finishes are food safe for serving but they are not resistant to knife cuts and scratches.

Let's talk about what's right for your lazy susan.

Call Or Text -- 239-745-5070

Want To Discuss Something Special?  Call:  239-745-5070

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